Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Good Answer

In response to a skeptic in a talkback thread who challenged his certainty of what “the Word” is, the Underground Pewster cites a pair of choice quotations, presented below:

“Q. How do we recognize the truths taught by the Holy Spirit?”

“A. We recognize truths to be taught by the Holy Spirit when they are in accord with the Scriptures.” (1979 BCP page 853)

“If there were any word of God beside the Scripture, we could never be certain of God’s word; and if we be uncertain of God’s word, the devil might bring in among us a new word, a new doctrine, a new faith, a new church, a new god, yea himself to be a god. If the Church and the Christian faith did not stay itself upon the Word of God certain, as upon a sure and strong foundation, no man could know whether he had a right faith, and whether he were in the true Church of Christ, or in the synagogue of Satan.”

- Archbishop Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556)

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