Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sad, So Sad

I have to admit: this old wayfaring Baptist fell in love with the Episcopal church. I fell in love with her the way a man might fall for a beautiful woman – one that is beautiful on the outside but proves unfaithful...a heartbreaker.

With a broken heart I’ve watched from afar this week as the Episcopal church commits the greatest act of mass suicide since Jonestown. But my sorrow pales in comparison to that shared by those who grew up in the church, invested their lives in it, and sought to remain faithful Christians, first and foremost, within it. My prayers are with them especially. And in the midst of her demise, it is particularly poignant to see faithful men like these continue to declare the truth with gentle firmness.

I need to admit something else: there’s little comfort in watching her go down from a distance. Being involved with an Anglican splinter group has its advantages, but there are other sets of quirks and challenges, as well.

Lord, have mercy.


The Underground Pewster said...

I have been approached by people looking for a church in South Charlotte (close to RH) where they might find the spiritual food they are not being fed here in Rock Hill.

Perhaps I should commit to being a missionary to the church in Thyatira.

So many souls to save...

clumsy ox said...

I'm sorry to hear this. There are so many bright lights whose hearts must be breaking.