Friday, October 26, 2012

A Pro-Life View on Drones

I am pro-life.  I have raised two adopted daughters and a step-son; my wife and I have two of our own, and we took in three foster children for a year. This summer we were privileged to become godparents to a little one in our church.  We consider all of these and everyone else who has lived or boarded under our roof as family.  Each of those lives is precious and unique.

A pro-life attitude is cultivated not by the state but by the home.  And if not the home, then in the church, among the Lord's people -- or among others who cherish life and goodwill.

The president of the United States cannot overturn Roe v. Wade by executive decree.  The past decade has demonstrated that voting to restrict federal court jurisdiction over abortion "rights" has not been a top priority of Republican majorities in Congress.  And really, its legality is a matter to be decided by the state legislatures.  If Congress won't act, or won't ratify a pro-life Supreme Court nominee, then the states that care about this issue should assert their 10th Amendment powers and retain jurisdiction for themselves.

But the president, as commander-in-chief of U.S. armed forces, does have tremendous say in the use of arms, in making war, in matters of life and death for the troops, enemy combatants, and innocents.

There is pro-life, and then there is pro-life.  Here is Jack Hunter, aka the "Southern Avenger," in perhaps the best and most important video blog he has yet made, speaking to our country's selective conscience:

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