Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anglican Mission ad infinitum

AMiA would functionally become the “Anglican Mission to the World” all reporting back to Chuck Murphy, and with a strange brew of women’s ordination, emergent church theology, and doctrines totally rejected by the Anglican reformers but resurrected by Canon Kevin Donlon.
Joel Martin is working on a fascinating reconstruction of recent events here, here, and, here.


The Underground Pewster said...

Very confusing. I hope your church does not suffer as a result.

Chuck Hicks said...

We won't. We're a mission outreach of Apostles Mission Network (under +Barnum and +Glenn). Our pastor is 100% committed to reform doctrine and Anglican distinctives.

The most interesting point Martin brings out for me is how AMiA managed to alter PEAR's canons. I expect those to get overhauled (i.e., back to clear Anglican distinctives) in days to come.