Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prophecy Fulfilling

Our old friend Joseph Stromberg has a new article at The Freeman, this time exploding some the myths surrounding the Progressive Era.  Of interest is a few sentences toward the end of the piece, citing the Jeffersonian Progressive John T. Flynn, who was no fan of American imperialism:
Flynn’s checklist for realized fascism was as follows: perpetual public debt, autarchy, socialization of investment, bureaucratic supervision of society, public-works militarism, overseas empire, executive dictatorship, and the institutional changes to make them all work together. Seventy-some years later, we are well along.
Flynn was wrong of course about autarchy in the short run. He did not anticipate that one imperial State could become strong enough to force its economic rules on most of the world, while preaching about free trade.
Flynn was right, however, about what would hold American fascism together: executive power effectively above the law.
Given the bald disregard for habeas corpus exposed in this weeks Senate proceedings over the National Defense Authorization Act (S. 1867), we find that we are moving even further along.

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