Monday, January 2, 2012

The Mysterious “theophorus” on the Rwandan Church Canons

Can’t say how I know, but I can assure you the Rwandan bishops are intent on revising the canons asap. The Province of Rwanda is an evangelical church with it’s roots in the CMS and the East African Revival. Roman doctrine and language is foreign to their DNA...  many of the AM leaders/bishops were not happy with these canons. These present canons are the creation of Murphy/Donlan for their agenda of papal authority on Murphy’s side and Byzantine Catholic sentiments on Donlan’s side. Neither the AM bishops or the Rwandan bishops were happy with these when they got a good chance to look at them. Both of the AM council of bishops and the Rwandan house of bishops were hustled into signing these canons without time to fully consider them.  Considering the immediate pressing issues of structure and relationship it may take a while, but these canons will be revised.  (emphasis added)
From a comment thread at StandFirm.

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