Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Second Washington Statement on AMiA

In 2007, under the direction of [former Archbishop] Kolini, Kevin Donlon revised the canons for the Province of the Church of Rwanda. These revised canons were rushed through an approval process in the Rwandan House of Bishops in early 2008 without careful study. Many changes were made by Donlon, including adopting Roman Catholic sacramental theology (thus deviating from the 39 Articles of Religion) and giving [Chuck] Murphy almost unlimited power in AMiA as Primatial Vicar. These changes, made without any prior input from clergy and the parishes, have been a major source of contention in AMiA ever since.

Last month, [current Archbishop] Rwaje stated that he and the Rwandan House of Bishops would welcome any efforts to revise the Rwandan canons in accordance with the Articles of Religion. Several other Rwandan bishops have also affirmed this commitment.

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